Adding & Subtracting Negatives

'Adding and subtracting negative numbers made easy with this series of games and activities.’

It's a hot day.  You are lounging by the pool.  You reach for your drink and take a sip.  Yuk! Lukewarm!  "Mum, is there any ice in the fridge?"   
Adding negative numbers is as easy as adding ice to a glass of water.  Learn how to deal with negative numbers by following this simple demonstration and playing some fun games!

Here's a short screencast demonstrating the four different activities (video has no sound):


Try this game on Ordering numbers.

Watch this presentation How to do it  in order to learn how to add & subtract negative numbers.
Try this self checking spreadsheet to test your understanding Adding & Subtracting Negative Numbers
Finish with a game of First to connect three from NRICH
Read these teacher notes especially for tips about creating your own self checking spreadsheets Adding & subtracting negatives


Students will require computers and internet access to complete this sequence of activities.  They should be able to work through the four activities independently, but the teacher will probably like to finish with a plenary.

  • Starter  - students spend 5 minutes reminding themselves how to put positive and negative numbers in order with the ordering numbers game
  • Work through PowerPoint "How to do it" to gain understanding of how to add and subtract negative numbers.
  • Complete the self-checking spreadsheet.
  • Finish with a game of "first to connect three" that can be played against the computer or a classmate.
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