This is one of the best websites around for teaching ideas in mathematics – it is challenging, mathematically robust, extends mathematical ideas rather than dumbing them down, is full of pedagogical sense and innovation, and ought to be available intravenously.

Anne Watson, Emeritus Professor Mathematics Education, Oxford University

The resources you've gathered and created are fantastic. Clearly a lot of time and effort spent. Very useful, thanks.

Connor Blevin

I love the fact that the activities make students: think; interact with the Maths (ie dynamic geogebra files); discuss and debate ideas; see links to the real World. Most importantly though the activities promotes Maths as more than just skill practice out of a text book.

Steve MacPhail, Australia

Why use this site?

  • Rich, engaging classroom activities that promote mathematical thinking.
  • An emphasis on inquiry, discovery, technology, critical thinking, hands on and fun.

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