This is one of the best websites around for teaching ideas in mathematics – it is challenging, mathematically robust, extends mathematical ideas rather than dumbing them down, is full of pedagogical sense and innovation, and ought to be available intravenously

Anne Watson, Professor Emeritus Mathematics Education, Oxford University

Such Wonderful resources, seriously love it - your site makes me want to come and work at your school

Carmel Burke, Abbotsleigh school, Sydney, Australia

I'm a big fan of this website…It's absolutely fantastic.Hundreds of really nicely thought out activities made by teachers who have used them in the classroom.

Craig Barton, Maths Advanced Skills Teacher, Maths Adviser to the TES

TeachMathematics - a handsomely crafted site, crammed with practical and authoritative ideas, straight from the mathematics classrooms of the dynamic trio from Toulouse I.S.! Don't hesitate to subscribe.

Douglas Butler, TSM Workshops, Author - Autograph

The resources you've gathered and created are fantastic. Clearly a lot of time and effort spent. Very useful, thanks.

Conor Blevins, Teacher

I love the fact that the activities make students: think; interact with the Maths (ie dynamic geogebra files); discuss and debate ideas; see links to the real World. Most importantly though the activities promotes Maths as more than just skill practice out of a text book.

Steve McPhail, Teacher, Australia

The lesson, activities, and ideas on Teach Mathematics are so wonderful because they require students to think deeply about the mathematics.What AMAZING work you all do! see more...(Link to testimonials page)"

Marina MacDonald, Mathematics consultant, NH, USA

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  • Rich, engaging classroom activities that promote mathematical thinking.
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