Percentages of Amounts TN

Teachers Notes

How this activity can be used . . .

This resource is meant to be a mix of tutorial, game and there are only three standard percentage questions which use of this resource in class has proved to require to be most effective.

The resource targets less able, motivationally challenged or physically active/competitive students.

The money starter I have found very effective in giving lower ability students "an anchor", visually and in the context of their personal experience, for remembering the divide by 10 etc. percentage methods. This first page of the worksheet provides a brief 5-10min "how to do it" recap for finding percentages of amounts via the necessary conceptual link to fractions: implicity (money) and explicitly (brainstorming equivalent fractions).

The games are purposefully simple enough so as to reinforce this explanation at the same time as providing practice. Motivationally challenged, physical etc. students targetted by this resource, in my experience, do not have the concentration or desire to listen to an explanation longer than 5minutes, they often (though obviously not always) need activity to learn best.
The majority of the lesson is, therefore, the games.

The three "standard" percentage questions are three very carefully selected questions because they can be solved using a variety of different combinations of 25%, 10%, 1% added or subtracted (can students spot the error in the video overview?!)!. Experience over the years has proved that it is important in this lesson to pull the class together ,about 40mins into the lesson, and look for  5 minutes at different strategies for getting more complicated percentages mentally.

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