Linking Sequences

'Use Geogebra to link geometrical patterns to sequences and their graphs’

Why are patterns so visually appealing ?  It is because of their internal mathematical structure.  This activity will explore some pretty pictures and find out why they are mathematically attractive.  Number, geometry and algebra are often seen as 3 different mathematical topics.  This activity shows that they can represent the same thing.  

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This activity can be completed using Geogebra or any other graphing software
Find instructions for students to follow for Geog Instructions
There are 3 different levels of sequences Sequences A  Sequences B  Sequences C
You can see the type of file that students might produce Example Geogebra file
You can download Geogebra free software from here Geogebra


  • Students are provided with cards containing geometrical patterns. 
  • There are 3 levels of difficulty (A, B & C).
  • Each pattern is made up of sequences of shaded squares.
  • The aim is to find the general rule for the number of squares shaded in each pattern.
  • Sudents will count the number of shaded squares and plot the graphs using Geogebra.
  • Students should then try to find the equation of the line and hence the nth term of the sequence.
  • Students could make up some geometrical patterns of their own and find their general terms.
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