Polygons & Stars

'Create beautiful polygons and stars using online microworld and discover for yourself rules for exterior angles.’

Polygons and stars are visually appealing because of their symmetry.  But what is it that lies at the heart of these images?  They have a regular mathematical structure, but can you discover it?  In this investigation you will use your computer to create some pretty pictures and find the rules behind the angles within the shapes.

Watch these short videos (no sound) to get a quick overview of the activity

Using Logo

Using Scratch



  • Start with pencil, paper, ruler and protractor to produce a figure.
  • Use computer with internet access to construct figures.
  • Can you produce a regular polygon?
  • Can you produce a regular star?
  • When does it not work?
  • How is the command linked to the number of sides of the polygon or star?
  • Write up your findings in a report including diagrams and formulae used.
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