Matching Sequences

''Use Ti Nspire to make the link between graphical, numerical and algebraic representations of a sequence.’

Know how to find the nth term of an arithmetic sequence?  Fully understand geometric sequences?  But how do they look?  Can you picture them?  Being able to visualize these sequences helps fully understand their inner structures.  In this activity a Ti Nspire calculator is required.

Get an idea of the activity by watching this demonstration (this video has no sound):


Here are 10 sequences generated using the Ti Nspire Matching sequences questions
Here are some hints to help the students get started Matching sequences hints
An example the kind of TiNspire file students might produce example
Teachers may wish to read these accompanying notes Matching sequences


  • Students are presented with 10 sequences and are asked to find their nth terms. 
  • Sequences are arithmetic, geometric, quadratic and one “other”.  However, the extra challenge is that the sequences are represented in a graphical form. 
  • The use of the Ti Nspire technology allows the students to make the link between the visual graphic of the sequence, the nth term and the numerical sequence.
  • Students should use trial and improvement to find the nth terms of the sequences and the technology allows them to check their own answers.
  • Here is an example of what will be produced

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