Formulas: Who's Fastest?


''Let's test who's the fastest runner! . . what about the fastest walker? Formulae can help answer these questions and calculate how close you are to setting a Marathon World Record!’

Who's the fastest in the class? How do we know? What does "fastest" mean exactly? Discuss this as a class. How might find out, right now, who's fastest . . . ?

An outside running race (or inside walking race if it's raining!), two people have to time the runners (and so won't run) and two have to record the times on the recordsheets below to share with the whole class later. We then need to use the Distance, Speed, Time relationships to find out how fast, if we could maintain a 100m pace, we could run the 42 200m marathon!! Could someone in the class set a new world record?


World Record Marathon Time since 1970



  • Use the Distance, Speed, Time Formulae to work out your marathon pace.
  • Shoes off, time to compare and work out your European or UK shoe size - formulae required!
  • Getting to know your calculator - memory button, powers, negative numbers and roots.
  • BIDMAS / PEMDAS is essential when using formulae
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