Human Loci

'Take the classroom outside and explore Loci interactively'

'A set of students that all obey a given rule', that is what human loci is all about. Before working on points and shapes, this activity asks teams of students to stand in certain places according to given rules. Consider the different ways in which it could be done the different places to stand. What are the limits of the instruction? What are the details? What happens at the corners? How can it be expressed?


You will need  Human Loci Teachers to run this activity along with a large space. There is a follow up  Human Loci worksheet

Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures of the activity in action

What you need

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  • A large open space
  • Some cones or markers to mark out lines and shapes
  • Some copies of the instructions could be useful
  • A camera to record the teams' answers

Example Task

Perpendicular Bisector - equidistant from 2 points

In teams – put two points (posts or cones) out for each team and ask students to sit somewhere where they are the same distance from both points.

Discussion points - Is the line of infinite length?

Does it work if you have to be closer to one than the other? (see later challenge)

Example Question

The following is an example of a question from the follow up worksheet



Here follows an outline if what the task is. 

  • Students are split into two teams.
  • An instruction is given as to where they must stand.
  • After a period of time the students are stopped and a discussion ensues about the two responses.
  • Based on the above discussion, the 'round' is awarded to one of the teams.
  • This exercise is repeated with other loci.
  • There follows a summary round where the teacher repeats the instructions and the teams have a short time to recreate the loci with the advantage of the discussions.
  • Students complete a follow up worksheet.
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