Engaging Starters, inspiration, inquiry

 Session 1: Inspiration and Inquiry

1.   Human Transformations

2.   Wire Transformations

3. Wave Transformations How your ear hears (first 5m10 for IB trig classes, first 2m25 as an intro to Tri, or from 3m to 5m10 as a fractions starter!) and the amazing world of Waves, how they define physical realities. Here's another experiment you can do at home to produce waves (fizzics.org - watch from 2m48 to 3m15).

4. Audacity download. Dog Whistles and Varying Frequency and Wave Form website provide interesting sound files for students to analayse. Use Autograph to Model the wave. This use of audacity comes from Richard Wade - try this ready to go lesson resource with your classes:   Trig Modelling - Sound

5. Twitter, Facebook, Edmodo, Geogebratube and Youtube channel recommendations below to get you started:

6. Visual Line Equations

7. Normal Distribution and the 2008 Financial Crisis

8. Percentage Investments  - Geogebra help videos below:

9. Olympic Records

10. UK house prices - Piecewise Functions Using Autograph

Lots of sources of exploration ideas (TED videos, podcasts, websites etc.) are listed on the  TSM2014 Bringing the Outside World In page.

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