Formulae:What are they?


'Discuss each formula altogether as a class, then find an image on google images that matches the formula. Algebra is NOT abstract'

Formulae are all around us! If we look, we can see equations everywhere, just like "Max" in the film Pi . . Listen out for the key phrases as of 29seconds: "1245, restate my assumptions:

1.Mathematics is the language of nature. 

2.Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 

3.If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge.

Therefore, there are patterns, everywhere in nature .. "  

The aim, is that by the end of the lesson, we start to see equations, "all around us".


Searching google images, Flickr or other image website, find two images to go with each of the formulae shown on the powerpoint below. Copy and paste the images onto the relevant slide, and annotate the image clearly (using "draw"  toolbar arrows) to show which dimension or variable each letter in the formula represents!


Demonstrating Formulae

What is factorising and quadratic expressions about? Here's one application (only watch the first 3-4mins and discuss):


Below are some more videos that show some nice examples of applications of formulae. Please email me when you find others . . !

  • The first minute is good: it is humourous, gets across what simple harmonic motion is and shows how you can measure it/define it using a ruler.


  • Discuss the formulae together as a class to decipher what measure each letter may represent.
  • Search google images to find examples of these formulae in the world around you.
  • Practice using formulae, by substituting numbers into interesting examples that may reveal some surprising things about the world we live in.
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