Percentages of Amounts

"Some fun 2 player games that get you to practise finding percentages in your head"

Remember "per cent" means "out of 100". The percentage sign is made up of the digits  1 0 0 rearranged into a fraction to illustrate that"per cent ages"  are just fractions out of 100 (just like cents, quarters, dimes are fractions of a dollar and likewise for Euros, pounds, yen etc.).



The video below provides a brief overview of this activity and a reminder for students of how to proceed at each stage and the techniques to use to be able to calculate percentages in your head, or quickly, using pencil and paper:




Example Game

Two player 0s and Xs.You choose a question number and then select it’s answer from the Os and Xs grid e.g. 10% of Q(2) is 56.75. If you are right (which in this case you wouldn’t be!), then you get that square and question 2 is out of the game. You get 5 points per correct answer and a bonus 10points if you get three in a row. Any arguments, call in the referee to arbitrate! Once you’ve completed the 10% game, go straight on to the 1% game before taking the 5% challenge!

Two player game


If you can divide by 10 and 100 you can find any percentage of an amount: 10% = divide by 10, 1% = divide by 100 and 12% = 10% + 1% + 1% etc. Percentages are that simple!

  • Relate percentages to money to understand why 10% is divide by 10 and 1% divide by 1 and 25% is divide by 4!
  • "Per Cent" means "per 100" ('cent' means 100: century, centenary, centimes etc.)
  • Practise finding 10%, 1% and the challenge 5% (find 10% and half it) in this series of two player games.
  • Use combinations of adding and subtracting 10%, 1%, 5% to make any percentage you wish.
  • Finish with a two player game challenge for finding any percentage amount quickly using only pencil and paper of doing the calculations in your head!
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