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This page is just a list of thoughts and ideas and corresponding resources for things that we might do in the virtual classroom. How might we take things that we would do normally and translate them to a virtual situation? How can we keep things varied? How can we invite and encourage the kinds of mathematical behaviour we look for in our classes.

Fairground Games 

This is one of my favourite things to do in the year. It is quite a long project that involves the creation a 'fairground game' that is designed to have a 'One in three' chance of winning. When we do it here, the end result is always a real Fairground where we invite students from the primary school to come and play while we collect the data. OK, so clearly that isnt going to happen just now, BUT, imagine being able to do that when everyone is back at school - that could be a great celebration. It seems to me like the rest of this activity is completely doable from home. The more I think about it, the more realistic this becomes...

Fairground Games

Have you ever lost money on a fairground game? Have you ever wondered how the games are designed? You always see some one win, they look like fun to play, and you always think you have a chance, but somehow...

  • Students can make, test , adjust and restest their own games, exactly as they would do in school
  • Families could be involved in that testing and that would be a fun way to engage with what children are doing rather than a cumbersome one.
  • Results could be shared collaboratively on a google doc - There is plentu of potential for live synchronous lessons where this was discussed.
  • Students could upload pictiures and videos of their games in presentation format -
  • They could be paired up to do some peer assesment - Imagine using flipgrid for this and getting students to comment on each others efforts.
  • The packs include plenty of individual exercises for students to do
  • The task is easily differentiated and teachers would be free to have individual exchanges with students about this.
  • This could be part of a longer unit on experimental and/or thoeretical probability with other types of task mixed in.

The Mirror dance

We have had the anual IST mirror dance competition for at least a decade now and it is a highlight of the year. Of course, it really does depend on people getting together to practice! In recent years though, we have had entries from individuals who wanted to do something digital. I stumbed across one of these today and thought it would make an excellent confinement project. How about this stop motion video as an entry...

For those with brothers and sisters or willing parents... how about thos finger dance...

I think I might give students a bit of a head start, especially with a 'confinement' holiday coming up. I have also suggested a bit of this today from brilliant artist James Brunt.

Check out these creations from artist James Brunt who makes wonderful images out of things he finds in Nature. James has been busy trying to see what he can do whilst still under quarantine! A bit of imagination can make all kinds of things look great! There is a project for Wednesday afternoon! Check out these examples! Let us know if you try.

James Brunt Artist

James Brunt on twitter


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