The Rice Show

'Estimation, measuring, art, display, statistics and numerous possibilities to show off some Maths'

This acivity is inspired by 'Of All The People in All the World' from 'Stan's Cafe'. Use grains of rice to represent different numbers of people! How can we make a pile of rice with 1,000,000 grains in it? Show the number of people per square kilometer in Macau next to that in Australia? How many millionaires are there in a given country? What about soldiers? How many children live below the poverty line? This exercise draws on a number of Mathematical skills centering around estimation, but is also a powerful exercise in visualising numbers and juxtaposition. Do the estimation then use some statistics to make a powerful display! 


Here is a printable worksheet  The Rice Show

Photo Gallery

Here is a slideshow of this and similar activities in action.

Stans Cafe

Watch this video from a live 'Stan's Cafe' Show to get an impressions for the sorts of things you could do to create a brilliant Maths exercise and powerful display!


Below is an outline of the task

  • Working out how much rice weighs
  • Searching for statistics to represent with rice
  • Working out the weight of rice required
  • Working on the display
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