Visualising Indices

'Explore the concept of indices by considering what they look like'

'Squared' and 'Cubed' can be explained by using 2 and 3 dimensions. The area of a square with length 5 is 52, the volume of a cube with side length 7 is 73,  so how can we represent 54? This activity explores visual representations of indices and draws on a little creativity! Try and work out what number is represented by the diagrams and then think about how  some diagrams for other numbers can be created!


There is a worksheet to start this task with  Visualising Indices and some teachers notes  Visualising Indices TN

New Photos - Update

Stop motion video - Update

A new take on the problem!

Some More Examples


Here is a brief outline of the activity

  • Starting with the diagrams above, look for associations. 'What shall I call the picture?'
  • Use the attached worksheet to try and work out what numbers are associated with the other pictures and then start being creative!
  • Make a nice display of the class's results!
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