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Below is a catalogue of videos for students to watch on their mobile phones or any other video enabled (MP4) portable device. Some of the videos make good starters/introductions "hooks" or plenary summaries  to lessons and the teacher may wish to use them in class.

For the student, watching these whilst on a bus, car, train journey, during the commercial/advertising break whilst watching a TV show etc. is an excellent way for students to maximise their revision time at minimum cost. All the videos below have been chosen because they are both entertaining to watch (either humourous, catchy song, inspiring etc.) and convey clearly and accurately different mathematical topics.

Algebra Graphing

Well thought through revision summary (with some humour) of the two defining properties of a straight line = slope(gradient) and position (y-intercept).

Algebra Manipulating

Get students to watch this number trick and see if it worked on them. Then get them to model the process using algebra. In pairs, can they make up their own "telepathic number tricks" ready to dazzle the rest of the class? Who can make the most impressive one (complexity is not always superior to simplicity!).

Slumdog millionaire style "expanding brackets" and "completing the square" takes us on an entertaining ride through the key skills required for these two techniques and applies the completed square to solve an equation/find the x-intercepts of the quadratic:

Algebra Solving

A good balancing equations video that gives you an insight into how to make your own "hands-on" balance equation kits for students to use in class and get to grips with the concept of solving equations with unknowns on both sides. The other two videos are useful "how to solve an equation" and "how to solve an equation using completing the square" overview videos for revision purposes.

Algebra Formula

Mathematics is the language of the physical universe that surrounds us, this video brings that truth to the fore:

Algebra Sequences

One of the key concepts of sequences is whether they are finite or infinite and whether they converge or diverge. This is an intuition defying introduction to these key ideas . . . and a good example of the need for algebra to help generalise numerical results! Moreover, what starts off as a seeming "pure" mathematical investigation has, we are told, applications within Physics (and the 26th dimension!) . .

Golden ratio in the human face

Algebra Functions

Applications of "composite" functions:

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