Inquiry Activities post-16

'An Inquiry Approach to IB SL Mathematics '

Jackie Gernstein (c/o Lorraine Heinrichs)

Session 6: Inquiry

Vernier Data Sensors

Data sensors offer a rich vein of hands-on-mathematics for the mathematics classroom (and experience of common practices in most scientific/mathematical careers.

Modeling Real Data - Histograms and Normal Distribution

Students can analyse (and/or create) a set of normal data to represent this shoplifting scenario. This can be done in both Autograph and Geogebra, but it's a little quicker and easier for students to do using Autograph. Autograph video below:

Shoplifting Data

The same activity, using Geogebra:


Great for modeling (we won't be using it in this session: see "modelling" session)!, and hence for the International Baccalauréat Exploration at Higher and Standard level 16+ mathematics. The below video offers a quick overview to get you and your students started.

Download the software here:  Tracker.

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