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Of course, the major advantage of using this particular medium is that we are constantly adding, updating and correcting the site. It is already significantly large and will only get larger - as a result it can be hard to keep up with what is new. This page will just list updates that are made to the site as they are made! Read more about our rationale on the Why Subscribe? page, our vision for task design on The Mathematical Experience page and how to use the site on the Site guide page.

May 2016

This is a thought provoking activity on percentage difference based on on some topical survey results in the news about our perceptions of where we live against the truth! Percentage difference puzzle

April 2016

Here is a good 3 - 4 hour activity on regular polygons with lost of elements -  Polygon Proofs 

February 2016

Here is a new activity Fraction-decimal conversion debate - something a bit different for your classroom! Lots of thinking and reasoning involved.

January 2016

New activity posted - have a look at  What's recurring? . I enjoy this investigation and activity every year and thought it was time to share it.

Check out this blog post on 'A favourite starter'  - A lovely little activity that leads nicely in to some number type work.

Don't miss the great 2016 Puzzle as a great way to kick of the new year!

December 2015

See this blog post about games and activities running up to Christmas

This Simply Surds activity is new and is a rich way to help students explore these ideas. There is a nice mix of exploration and practice that should make for a fruitful couple of hours.

November 2015

New activity -  Travel Graphs - Harness the power of data loggers to really get to grips with distance-time and more....

New activity -  Inequality Graphs a lovely engaging way to look at graphing inequalities, followed by a fun kahoot game!

October 2015

I have just added this blog post about the annual 'Fetes des Maths'

Read this nice blog on 'Lego Maths' following workshops at the Practical pedagogies conference in Toulouse

September 2015

Here is a new activity on Area and Perimeter of 2D shapes in the  geometry Activities section.

Check out the new Giant congruent triangles resource for working with congruence!

Of course there has been loads of activity up to this date, but we only decided to start recording the updates in October 2015! 

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