Parking Rotations

'Park the car!'

Reverse parking is one of the hardest things you have to do when driving a car. Here’s your chance to hone your skills in this area so that you’ll pass your driving test with flying colours. Enter the correct angle and centre of rotation to ensure the car fits snugly in the parking space. Once you have this done you should be able to describe what happens when you change the centre of any rotation.

Resources & Description

There are four cars that need parking. You will need to find the correct angle of turn and centre of rotation to be able to park the cars safely. You can attempt this activity on paper or using a computer.

  • If you are attempting the parking activity on paper it can be printed from Car Parking
  • If you have access to a computer you could use the parking applets below
  • Once the correct rotations have been found an investigation about the effects of changing the centre of rotation can be attempted from Moving Centre Investigation
  • The investigation can be viewed here

  • Teacher Notes for this activity can be downloaded from Parking TN

Parking Applets

Try to park the car in the garage by entering the correct angle of turn and centre of rotation into the input boxes and press PLAY (see bottom left corner of applet).

Parking 1

Parking 2

Parking 3

Parking 4

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