Interesting ways to teach....

Interesting ways

These collaborative google presentations are a mathematics specific elaboration of a great idea from Tom Barrett. The idea is simple, add a slide to the presentation that tells us one or more of your 'interesting ways' to teach a particular topic. There are just 4 presentations for now, one ofr each of geometry, algebra, statistics and number. Again, the ide is that these grow and grow and become an inspirational resource for teachers everywhere.

There are numerous sources of teaching resources on the internet and these documents are by no means intended as a replacement for them. The is really as simple as it sounds in that we ant to collect 'Interesting ways' to teach these different area of mathematics.

Add Your idea

This is a simple idea to collect and share ideas. The term ‘interesting’ implies some idea you have had, borrowed or twisted that really helps to engage students in learning and discovering geometry. The following is a list to help you add your slide....

  • Follow the link to the google presentation you want to add to.
  • Create a new slide with the next number on it (or copy the template!)
  • Give your idea a title
  • Maybe state a topic/learning area
  • Think about a brief description
  • Think about adding an image
  • Add links where possible and appropriate to elaborate on the idea

There are a few examples to look at to get an idea, but please do as you see most appropriate - the more ideas we get the better so the less constraints the better


Interesting ways to teach geometry

Here is the first presentation....

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