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We genuinely feel that it is an incredible time to be a teacher for a good deal of reasons. One of the foremost is that developments in technology have allowed teachers to connect and collaborate on an unprecedented level. This section of our site is being created to share and host some of these opportunities for mathematics teachers around the globe to share and collaborate. Hopefully there is something on offer here for everyone from the cautious interneters to the online junkies. As with everything on our site, this is designed to be organic and to grow and change with the times. Please let us know of anything you think we might be missing by 'submitting feedback' above. help us to make this a great centre for collaboration.

Interesting ways

These collaborative google presentations are a mathematics specific elaboration of a great idea from Tom Barrett. The idea is simple, add a slide to the presentation that tells us one or more of your 'interesting ways' to teach a particular topic. There are just 4 presentations for now, one ofr each of geometry, algebra, statistics and number. Again, the ide is that these grow and grow and become an inspirational resource for teachers everywhere.

Books about mathematics

Mathematics teachers usually have a couple of books that have become seminal to them in terms of their teaching pedagogy, mathematics as a subject or the history of mathematics. Whilst there is some common ground here, it is often the case the we cant believe that others have not read the same books we have and vice versa. There is an incredible amount to read about here and mathemtics is enjoying a bit of a popular renaissance at the moment which means there are regulalrly new books coming on the market. This page has a collaborative list of these books for you to use and hopefully add to!

Coming soon.....

Online groups

There are untold groups of teachers in groups and forums online. So many that would be impossible to list them all. Here we will only list the ones we have taken part in and found to be fruitful. Of course that doesn't mean that if it isnt here it isnt useful, just that we haven't had time to explore it yet. We will say oa little about each one, but the best way to find out about them is to join in!

Data Collection

A simple google form that can passed around the world in seconds has just revolutionised the ability to collect real live data in seconds. We have created a number of these in recnt years and they are still love, can all still be used and all have data ready to use. This page is simply a list of some of these data collection exercises.

International Student Survey

This is a project we have run a number of times and will doing again in the near future. The idea is to organise data collection from students all over the world to be used in handling data classes. The real data from fellow students around the world is thoroughly engaging!

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