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 Polygons & Stars

Age: 11+ Time: 2 hours This activity gets students to construct regular polgons and stars using protactor and ruler.  It quickly moves onto a powerful online microworld to make the constructions.  Students can then discover the rules for a) the sum of exterior angles of a regular polygon and b) the exterior angle of any regular polygon or star.  



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Age 10+ Time:


Statistics and Probability

 Double Spinner

Age: 12+ Time: 1 - 2 hrs. This is another practical probability experiment.  Students compare the theoretical outcomes of two spinners with that of an experiment (some exposure to sample spaces would be helpful).  The teacher can facilitate the sharing of results with a ready prepared spreadsheet. In this activity, students are encouraged to create and program their own digital spinner using Scratch  

, a simple piece of programming software which can now be used online without any download.Whilst the activity can be completed using a ready made set of spinners, teachers are strongly encouraged to give students access to this software to give them a flavour of programming.  A partly made scratch file is provided to help.

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