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Geogebra offers a staggering arrray of new possibilities for the practising mathematics teacher and looks set to continue doing so well into the future.  The link here takes you to a treasure trove of tips, tutorials and activites to help you get the best out of this piece of software. Whether you are an experienced user or perhaps a reticent or nervous first-timer there should be something on this page for you. As well as helping you to exploit the best Geogebra sketches out there we hope it will put you on the path to developing your own resources.


Autograph's user interface is probably still the most student friendly interface with little programming or other IT difficulties to get in the way of the mathematics you want your students to be working with. For statistics, the autograph interface and presentation format remains our preferred choice (June 2013) for use with students and nothing compares to Autograph's volume of revolution visual display. It's a great activity to get students designing their own innovative drinks can 3D shape, most aerodynamic car design, optimum performance fuel tanks etc.


Software designed by MIT, United States, to introduce programming to high school students. Click on the link for some "ready to go" mathematics activities using scratch to give you further ideas on its possible applications in Mathematic's lessons.
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