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'Focussed groups of activities and ideas related to different tools!'

This is an new area of the website which is very much under development. Hopefully it will build steadily over time. We feel that there are enough resources on the site now for us to group them in different ways for different purposes. Activities might be grouped by style, topic or for the use of a particular resource. We will also use this area of the site to look at the use of different tools that are out there. Here we will offer suggestions for their use along with some activities and tutorials.


We are really excited about Gapminder. It is great to have real, relevant data about the world so easily available. Better than that, it offers a brilliant, dynamic, visual tool to help interpret the data. All this is backed up with some wonderful presentations from their frontman Hans Rosling. This all makes for some very engaging activity and helps to get students excited about statistics at the same time. We have used Gapminder in a number of ways already, and have a few more in the pipeline. We also know that they have some new tools for schools in the making and are looking forward to seeing some of these.

Selected Pages


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