ISMTF Vienna 2012

'Bringing the Oustide World Into the Classroom via video and engaging activity design ' 

There are lots and lots of great videos out on the net that make an engaging  introduction to mathematical concepts and techniques. This session aims to show you some examples of:

1. Applications of Mathematics

2. Beyond the classroom possibilities.

3. Inspiration.

The video is however, only a starting point. Each of the videos below ties into a carefully designed resource to take the initial engagement and interesting context into a more profound and lasting experience.


1. Recreating Reality with  Physical World Sequences:

2. How your ear hears (first 5m10 for IB trig classes, first 2m25 as an intro to Tri, or from 3m to 5m10 as a fractions starter!) and the amazing world of Waves, how they define physical realities and movement of sound - here's another experiment you can do at home to produce waves, couresty of (watch from 2m48 to 3m15).

3. Are their any limits to physical abilities? Modelling the past to predict the future.

4. Talent spotting, the increasing role of statistics and measurement in high performance sports.

5. Algebra is not abstract and the origins of decimals and efficiency of graphs explored.

6. With Aids week approaching Hans Rosling offers a good overview ( This video leads nicel into this Aids HIV Statistic resource or "the seemingly impossible is possible" (don't miss from 16m54 onwards) into the activity Dynamic Scatter graphs.

Beyond the Classroom Possibilities

1. Mythbusters bringing to life a simple power function. Can you visualise powers/indices/exponents?

2. There's no relationship between triangles and circles . . . . is there?

3. Why are Prime's ( An Infinity of Primes) like the  DNA of the number system and what does this mean? What's their relationship with Cicada's? The wasp (Sphecius speciosus) paralyzes a cicada with her sting, carries it back to a chamber in her underground burrow, lays an egg on it, and seals the chamber. A few days later the egg hatches and the wasp larva eats the cicada alive. But the wasps' lives are in synch with cicadas of the genus Tibicen, not with cicadas of the genus Magicicada, which are currently crowding the eastern U.S. Cicada Predators  

4. Experience of the very big and the very small can be useful when understanding the need to round to a certain number of decimal places.

5. Similarly, scientific notation/standard form requires experience of very big things and very small things.

6. Someone give me a number- and watch what you say! Number Rights


1. Creativity is possible even with age old ideas such as squares, cubes and roots . . . .

2. It's about   looking at old things in new ways, like the various 'special' quadrilaterals.

3. Solve the Mathematical algorithms to unfold your brain and detect its activity and the message it is trying to communicate!

4. Plans and Elevations leading us to the 11th dimension reality of parallel universes?

Self Instruction

Videos show during session. See the "self help" sections of each of the Number, Geometry, Statistics and Algebra Movie Library pages.

Your Task

Create a magzinr page, create a classtools game and think of an activity idea to accompany it - maybe for one of your lessons next week - quick example here.

Create a Magzinr account

Magzinr is a book marking tool that allows you to create pages like Scoopit!, Diigo, Decliious etc. but with the added benefit of embedding your individual pages into a website e.g.   Number Movies Library

Add magzinr to your tool bar now and create a page to embed.

Set up your Google Site

If already have a gmail account and need help creating a google site follow the process below. If you're don't you can create one quickly here or watch the video below (1m33 onward, unless interested in "aviary" online picture editing tool) and use this link to get a google account without signing up for gmail:

Google Account using non-gmail address (for access to Reader, Sites, Docs etc. without a gmail account):


Great for modelling and hence for the new Exploration in IB HL and SL. See video below for a good overview of the functionality offered. CAUTION: You may need to use SHIFT CTRL to choose the point mass you wish to track. Download the software here: Tracker.

Same "How to use autotracker" content covered here but with an American presenter.


CIMT online questions

Just questions/exercises, but section that gives automatic feedback and some useful explanation and has the solutions also.

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