Almost everyone likes chocolate - and that's what makes sharing so hard! Each person's share is likely to be fairer if you're able to measure quantities exactly.

You will play the classic game of Snakes & Ladders, but how well you do depends on how good you are at converting Mixed Numbers (whole numbers plus a fraction) to Improper Fractions [the top number (numerator) is bigger than the bottom number (denominator)] and vice-versa.

The following video gives you a quick overview of the activity:


The first applet below is a great visual aid to seeing why a given improper fraction can be converted to a whole number plus a fraction = a Mixed Number and vice-versa (same applet available as a webpage (larger view): Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions). The ARROW KEYS on your keyboard are useful for changing the slider by exactly 1 unit at a time.

Use this applet, along with a die (or this virtual online die), to make your way round the Snakes and Ladders board below - you can move the counters directly on the screen (printable version).

Using your Calculator to Check!

There is no sound in this video. The most common calculator functionalities (regardless of make) for converting mixed numbers to improper fractions are looked at:


Watch the first video, at the top of this page, for an overview of the activity.

  • Students convert Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions and vice-versa to make their way round the snakes and ladders board.
  • Students should use the geogebra applet to help visualise equivalences between mixed numbers and improper fractions.
  • To START Player1 converts 219 to a mixed number and Player2: 2112
  • If the player converts correctly, they roll a die (see resources above for an online die if required) and move that number of spaces.
  • If the player converts incorrectly, the miss a turn.
  • The teacher may allow students to use the mixed number to improper fractions button on their calculator's to check their partner's answers.
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