Vector Translations

'Put the bird back together, then design your own exploded creation for a partner to rebuild. Can you score a vector freekick?' 

Can you drag the vectors and put the "Sitting Bird" back together again (see "resources" below), restoring its colours to their former glory? How would you describe perfectly each movement required to piece it together? These are called vectors and once you have accomplished these first two tasks it's time to make your own vector creation for your partner to try . . .


Once you have re-assembled the bird:  Sitting Bird (scroll down to applet below), enter in the vectors, in standard column format, that you used for each body part on this worksheet Vector Creations. Alternatively, you can enter the vectors as you go along. 

  An Autograph and Geogebra Help video is available to help you with building your vector creation, from the shapes, to the vectors and colour scheme!

Think you've understood how vectors work? Can you find five different vectors for scoring a goal in the applet: Vector Freekick, below? Geogebra is free to download: Geogebra 4.0

 Sitting Bird - Vectors

 Vector Freekick


  • Students drag each of the vectors until the associated body part exactly overlays the corresponding part of the greyed out bird.
  • Students then enter in each vector they used for the various parts on the word document.
  • Using Geogebra, Autograph or other software, students can now make their own vector creations to share with a partner. The partner then has to piece the creation back together again, recording the vectors they have used.
  • There are lots of variations on this general concept that students can develop as an extension e.g. design a game requiring vectors to pot balls, steer a vehicle round a course etc.
  • Students use the "Vector Freekick" applet above to see if they can find five different vectors that result in a goal from the freekick. Be careful for the goalkeeper!
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