Dividing Fractions

'If you can multiply fractions then you can divide them' 

Divisions are just a different way of doing multiplications: «math xmlns=¨http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML¨»«mn»12«/mn»«mo»§#247;«/mo»«mn»4«/mn»«mo»=«/mo»«mn»3«/mn»«/math» can be written as the multiplication «math xmlns=¨http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML¨»«mn»3«/mn»«mo»§#215;«/mo»«mn»4«/mn»«mo»=«/mo»«mn»12«/mn»«/math». You can do exactly the same with fractions, so if you know how to multiply fractions you will be able to work out how to divide them too. The following video demonstration (no sound) should give you a good idea how you can work out how to divide fractions and show you how to justify your answer by considering fraction diagrams.

Resources & Description

Multiplying Fractions Recap

  • Here is an excellent dynamic visualisation of multiplying fractions Visualising Multiplying Fractions . Adjust the sliders to change the fractions and visualise the multiplication.
  • If practice of multiplying fractions is required, here is a self checking exercise from CIMT . Examples are followed by plenty of practice questions.

Dividing Fractions

  • The following file contains the complete step by step investigation for students to learn about dividing fractions  Division of Fractions (see below).
  • There are 3 different levels of difficulty.
  • The grey boxes show examples.
  • Fill in all the gaps.
  • Use the diagrams to justify your findings.
  • There will be an opportunity to summarise your results and find a general result.

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