Ti-84 Casio GDC

' Ti-84 / 83 etc., Casio GDCs by SL Module' 

Using your GDC it helps to understand the logic of your calculator i.e. each button tends to cover a particular topic. If you know which buttons cover what topics you can then usually work out for yourself what to do, with the help of the CATALPGUE HELP application!, even if you don't remember.



GDC Help by Module



Good overview of entering functions, graphing and changing window settings on Ti-83/84

Overview of Finding Maximums, Minimums and Zoom options

Quick overview of changing the various "WINDOW" settings to see your graphs

3.Circular Functions and Trigonometry



6.Probability and Statistics

Calculating Normal distribution probabilities

Calculating Normal Distribution Critical Values given the Probability: Inverse Normal

Calculating Cumulative Binomial Probabilities (there is a related Binomialpdf video):

Calculating one variable statistics e.g. Mean and standard deviation from a frequency table


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