'Real data to solve real problems . . . and the Scientific Method' 

Technology allows students to use their mathematical skills or real, live data, to quickly see through its quantity and complexity to the essential underlying structure. To find out something about the world they live.


No Computers Required

1. Statistics specific vocabularly: what's the least number of qustions you can ask to

        correctly identify their chosen card?

2. Two statistical reports have got jumbled together, can you put them into order?

3. International Schools Student Survey with Online Survey Form and then watch the results appear live, on the spreadsheet (you will need a gmail account to do this).

3b. Example follow up to this activity - see file given to you during the session.

4. Moving Averages - see files given to you during the session.

Video and original activity from Richard Wade.

5. Mean monthly temperatures and report write up template.

6. Hypothesise and analyse (using Stem and Leaf Diagram) differences between rugby and tennis player heights and weights.

7. Number Ones! - see worksheet given to you during the session.

8. Chart Buddies! scatter graph activity (Richard Wade) - when running this activity you need the necessary sound tracks ready to go or pre-loaded on youtube.

9. Dynamic Scatter Graphs

Original TED talk available here:

10. Scattertastic

11. 15-16 year old statistics coursework - choose two factors, make a hypothesis, select a suitable graph, does the data confirm or contradict your hypothesis? What difficulties would you anticipate students having with this task?

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