IBL: Introducing Autograph

'Using Autograph to Discover and Explore Mathematics ' 

The following is a series of brief mathematical activities to introduce participants to Autograph. It's a great piece of software for 3D graphing: volumes of revolution, vectors etc, statistics and graphing generally.




The activity: Equation Reflections is helpful, along with the Wave Transformations, to compare the two pieces of software: Autograph and Geogebra. Each have their different strengths.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the Equation Reflections and try and reproduce what you see in Geogebra and Autograph respectively - what are their differing strengths?
  • Try to reproduce Wave Transformations in both Autograph and Geogebra using your own pictures (if you are having trouble finding suitable pictures, just ask).
See if you can reproduce these Quadratic Movers using the constant controller in Autograph.

1.  Moving averages

2.  Number Ones

3. Linear Programming

4. Vector Man

Quick overview, from Douglas Bulter, founder of Autograph, of some of the statistic options in Autograph: dot plot, entering raw data, histograms and normal distributions.
Lots of great activities to explore from the TSM Resources online tutorial section.
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