Factorising Puzzle

'Solve puzzles to find the mysteries behind algebra'

What is the missing number?  If I give you the answer, can you tell me the numbers in the question? If you enjoy a puzzle and a challenge you should like this activity.  You’ll will be given some information and asked to fill in the gaps.  However, there is not too much information to start with so you will have to think carefully and creatively to complete these puzzles. To do this activity, you should be able to multiply simple algebraic expressions.

Resources & Description

Students might need a reminder about multiplying algebraic expressions, thereafter all the information about this activity is included in the  Grid Puzzle worksheet.

If students have access to the internet, there is a follow-up activity where students can practise factorising simple expressions in a more traditional approach.  This self-checking exercise from CIMT does just that

The following image should give you a clue about what students will need to do.


Looking for a more challenging activity? Try this one...

Factorising Quadratics

This is a very complete activity to get students factorising quadratic expressions for the first time. It includes 2 arcade games to practise expanding brackets, a product and sum puzzle and a self-checking spreadsheet for factorising.

Factorising Quadratics

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