Finding Fractions

'Flex your fractional muscles with these fraction challenges!' 

Find two fractions that add up to 3/4? Can you do it? How many pairs can you find? What has to be true about them? What about two fractions that multiply to give 3/4? These and other questions and challenges are what this activity is all about. You need to really test your understanding of manipulating fractions and find effective strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. In the 'find the route' puzzles you have find the path through a fraction maze that gives you a particular answer so you will need to think ahead!


You will need the  Finding Fractions worksheet to get started with this activity!

Find the route

In this puzzle you have to start in the top left and make your way to the bottom right, such that the result is -3/5. You can only move right or down.

In this puzzle, the target number is 16/63!


This activity is fairly self explanatory and easily expanded upon!

  • Find the route - adding and subtracting.
  • Find the route - multiplying and dividing.
  • Find 2 fractions that add up to.....
  • Find fraction sums that make....
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