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Operating Fractions8 March 2015

'Exploring Generalisation with adding, multiplying and dividing fractions'Often thought of as 'basics', fractions have a lot more to them than that! Understanding how to operate and manipulate fractions... more

Finding Fractionsfree8 March 2015

Find two fractions that add up to 3/4? Can you do it? How many pairs can you find? What has to be true about them? What about two fractions that multiply to give 3/4? These and other questions and challenges... more

Divisibilityfree8 March 2015

Arrange the digits from 1 to 9 in such a way that the the number made by the first digit is divisible by 1, the number made by the first 2 digits is divisible by 2, the number made by the first 3 digits... more

Inequalities Introduction25 February 2015

How do we divide numbers into different groups: square numbers, whole numbers, multiples of 3, factors of 36, numbers less than 21 . . etc? One way is to use inequalities to define a set of numbers that... more

F1 Fractions25 January 2015

The activity is a race (but can be played collaboratively instead) to find the pieces of pie that will fit together to fill the "holes" in the race track. The activity aims to give a conceptual, visual... more

MixedNumber-ImproperFractionfree25 January 2015

Almost everyone likes chocolate - and that's what makes sharing so hard! Each person's share is likely to be fairer if you're able to measure quantities exactly.You will play the classic game of Snakes... more

Sine Cosine: Model Wavesfree25 January 2015

The whole of the modern world is founded on our ability to be able to define perfectly the position, and movement, of waves. Mobile phones, X-ray machines, TVs, Telecommunications etc. harness the waves... more

Site guidefree24 January 2015

We are three experienced mathematics teachers currently working at the International School of Toulouse. We have a real passion for those 'lessons to look forward to'. When, on the way to work, we are... more

Fairground Gamesfree19 January 2015

Have you ever lost money on a fairground game? Have you ever wondered how the games are designed? You always see some one win, they look like fun to play, and you always think you have a chance, but somehow... more

Moving Averages14 January 2015

'Understand real life data and become rich and powerful!’Finding trends in real life data can give us power and make us rich. Evidence for global warming, financial data like stock prices and employment... more