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Why Subscribe?free29 May 2015

This is a project that has been a number of years in the making to this point and one that we have been thinking deeply about for all of that time. For those that are interested or need persuading, here... more

Chocolate Fractions20 May 2015

'Use your knowledge of fractions to win the most chocolate!'This is a lovely practical activity since it is a game. In the game, the aim is to win as much chocolate as possible. It is really simple to... more

Equivalent Ratio Huntfree11 May 2015

Practice equivalent ratios with this challenging puzzleThere are lots of ways to express a given ratio and it is an important bit of mathematics to recognise when any of those ways are equivalent. Recognising... more

Rocket Trigonometry14 April 2015

'Calculate the height reached by a water powered rocket using right-angled trigonometry in this practical activity.'These impressive little water powered rockets go high, really high! But what kind of... more

Dr Whofree14 April 2015

This task is really easy to explain! Watch the videos below and try to recreate them using dynamic geometry software. Of course, it will not be quite so easy to complete! Making geometry dynamic really... more

Dr Who TNfree14 April 2015

This is a really absorbing and engaging puzzle that is rich with interesting mathematical behaviour. The essential learning objective for this activity is about scale factors of enlargement and repeated... more

ISMTF Middle School Competitionfree30 March 2015

Welcome to the home page for the ISMTF Middle School Mathematics Competition for 2015. We are delighted to be hosting the competition and looking forward to welcoming students and teachers from participation... more

Standard Form: Investigation18 March 2015

If we look at the numbers in the picture on the left they can look confusing, but they are easier to interpret and understand than many very large and very small numbers:Saying numbers of this size can... more

Information and Schedulefree17 March 2015

We are looking forward to welcoming you all in March!The following is a provisional Schedule for the weekend including information you may find helpful*Please ensure that you have sent accurate travel... more

Operating Fractions TN8 March 2015

Operations with fractions are, in my view, considerably more difficult to understand than is often thought. The line between teaching algorithms that work and understanding is greyer than in ever in this... more