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Impossible Diagramsfree11 August 2015

The aim of this task is to argue, conclusively, about whether or not the following shapes and diagrams can actually exist! To be successful, you will have to use what you know and can deduce about the... more

Surrounded10 August 2015

'Can you spot the pattern as the number of layers grow?'The ability to spot patterns has been essential in the survival of man. For thousands of years seeing symmetry and patterns meant spotting animals,... more

Backward Sequences6 August 2015

'What happens when you go backwards?'In this activity you will be examining different types of sequences and seeing what happens if you run them backwards. Does the pattern give you something you would... more

Sequences - differences method25 July 2015

'What if factorisation won't work?'Anything that can be measured (name something that can't be measured?) can be written as a number sequence. Geographers studying climate change or migration of people,... more

Impossible Trianglesfree25 July 2015

Can these triangles exist?The main thrust of this activity is easily explained - What reasoning can you use to decide if these triangles can exist or not? Assume that all lengths are rounded to the nearest... more

TSM - July 20156 July 2015

Objectives - To support workshop participants to get to grips with geogebra software and demonstrate its uses in the mathematics classroom.Aims - Participants should observe potential, get practice, be... more

Impossible Triangles TNfree5 July 2015

These are just a few notes about this activity as well as the solutions (see table below)! This activity is so simple in nature that there is not a great need for lots of discussion here. I just wanted... more

Surround TN5 July 2015

This is an excellent investigation to get students to describe the pattern generated by surrounding a shape with squares. They should be able to find a formula and link the formula to what they see. The... more

Quadrilateral Properties TNfree1 July 2015

For the puzzle section of this activity the teacher will need to have printed, cut out, and preferably (since then the pieces can be re-used from year to year), laminated the below jigsaw of Kadinsky's... more

Ratios and Fractions2 June 2015

A puzzle to get you thinking about the relationship between ratios and fractionsThis is a really simple looking exercise designed to help you be clear about the interplay between ratios and fractions... more