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The Mathematical Experiencefree23 June 2016

This page is a discussion about 'What makes a good task?' The aim is to present the features of good activity that create powerful, effective and long lasting mathematical experiences for students from... more

Site Updatesfree5 June 2016

Of course, the major advantage of using this particular medium is that we are constantly adding, updating and correcting the site. It is already significantly large and will only get larger - as a result... more

Polygon Proofsfree9 May 2016

Use these triangles to make regular polygons and deduce all of the angles!Start with a puzzle and end with the proof for the interior angle of a polygon! This is a series of activities where you will... more

Timestables - Alternative Methods15 March 2016

Some of us have difficulty remembering our timetables and if, after a number of years, we still can’t memorise them, it’s probably worth trying other approaches! Below are some nice “patterns”... more

Fraction-decimal conversion debate4 March 2016

Which is easier? Converting fractions to decimals or decimals to fractions?This activity is really easy to explain! What is your answer to the above question and how would you justify your answer? You... more

What's recurring?20 February 2016

Are the more recurring decimals than terminating?This activity is aimed at exploring what kind of fractions make recurring decimals and what kind don't. It is all about exploring the properties of different... more

Inquiry Activities post-16free5 February 2016

Jackie Gernstein (c/o Lorraine Heinrichs)Data sensors offer a rich vein of hands-on-mathematics for the mathematics classroom (and experience of common practices in most scientific/mathematical careers. more

Inequality Graphs21 December 2015

Recreate these lovely graphsIn this activity you will discover how to describe and create shaded spaces on graphs. If you are quite confident with plotting straight line graphs then this should be no... more

Paper Baubles13 December 2015

How is it possible to fit two-dimensional shapes together to make three-dimensional ones? You might realise that six squares can be fitted together to make a cube, but that’s just the start of a long... more

Festive Snowflakesfree13 December 2015

'Make some lovely snowflakes'You might have noticed that snowflakes have six symmetrical arms. A popular held belief is that no two snowflakes look the same! In this wintery task your challenge is to... more