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Circle Theoremsfree3 January 2011

'Discover and generalise the theorems about angles in circles using dynamic geometry' This activity focusses on the important difference between a particular case and the general case. Using dynamic... more

Skewey Squaresfree2 January 2011

'Discover Pythagoras's theorem by investigating the areas of these Skewey Squares' This is a fantastic investigation full of surprises that really help to understand how mathematical phenomena can be... more

Discovering Pifree2 January 2011

'Give meaning to the existence of Pi by exploring the geometric phenomenon from which it comes' The enigmatic Pi is a fascination for mathematicians, but it can be a mystery to lots of people. Its decimal... more

Spherical Cylindersfree22 December 2010

'What's the relationship between the volume of a sphere and the volume of a cylinder of equal height and diameter enclosing Mr. Potato Head? ' Use the weblink below to investigate the relationship between... more

Adding & Subtracting Negatives TN3 November 2010

The computer gives fast and reliable feedback which is non-judgemental and impartial. The self-checking spreadsheet exploits this well and encourages students to test out and modify their ideas. If... more

Number12 June 2009


Algebra12 June 2009


Explore Sequences with Excel TN12 June 2009

Using spreadsheets allows for much quicker investigation and as such encourages a focus on the relationship between structure and sequence. Students, particularly those new to using spreadsheets, are... more

Primes and Powers Investigation12 June 2009

The aim is for students to appreciate that the words used in mathematics (though they don’t usually believe it!) are there to try and help them to understand what the subject is all about. The activity... more