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Matching Sequences31 January 2011

''Use Ti Nspire to make the link between graphical, numerical and algebraic representations of a sequence.’ Know how to find the nth term of an arithmetic sequence? Fully understand geometric sequences?... more

3-2-1 Blast Off - TN31 January 2011

Do students sometimes ask why they are learning about trigonometry? Do your science colleagues moan that students can't apply "simple" mathematical processes in the science lab? Well here's a chance... more

Discovering SOHCAHTOA TNfree31 January 2011

The use of dynamic geometry enables this introduction to trigonometry to move on quickly. I’m sure most of us have used this kind of introduction using paper and pencil before (and been frustrated... more

Prime and Powers Investigationfree30 January 2011

'Each of us has a unique DNA structure in every cell of our body. Prime Numbers are the DNA of the number system. Discover why, and solve the murder mystery . . . ' Why are "Prime" numbers "prime"... more

The Rice Showfree28 January 2011

'Estimation, measuring, art, display, statistics and numerous possibilities to show off some Maths' This acivity is inspired by 'Of All The People in All the World' from 'Stan's Cafe'. Use grains of... more

Making Conesfree23 January 2011

'Explore cones by making one! A great puzzle that helps to understand the formulae for cones' It sounds easy, but is it? Make a cone with a base radius of 10cm and a perpendicular height of 24 cm. What... more

Making Cones TN23 January 2011

This is a really powerful way to introduce the concept of displacement vectors because of the way it relates to something like dancing. Students don't often see these connections and doing so can really... more

Notesfree12 January 2011

This can be a very rich source of mathematical activity on a number of levels and is one of my favourite things to do with a class. The activity offers great examples of real situations that lead to... more

Human Locifree11 January 2011

'Take the classroom outside and explore Loci interactively' 'A set of students that all obey a given rule', that is what human loci is all about. Before working on points and shapes, this activity... more

Match 'em up TN9 January 2011

The thing that I really like about these matching pairs puzzles is the discussion that they promote between students. Students really enjoy them and often get quite animated putting them together.... more