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Formulae Substitution5 October 2017

Welcome, welcome, benvenuti to Luigi's Lunch Lounge, or should I say: svaga hai to Taj's Indian delicacies. You have entered the Waiter/Waitress of the Year competition. As part of the selection process... more

Exponential Graphsfree18 September 2017

'Discover the properties of Exponential Graphs and pit your wits against the computer with some fun games'Exponential functions are incredibly useful. The simplest 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, ..., doubling is probably... more

Discovering SOHCAHTOAfree9 September 2017

'An investigation to discover the 3 trigonometric ratios using dynamic geometry software'This investigation will help you learn how to find unknown sides in right-angled triangles. Trigonometry (comes... more

Algebra Movies Libraryfree28 June 2017

Click on Show in the Page Contents panel: at the top right of this page to navigate to the appropriate section.Below is a catalogue of videos for students to watch on their mobile phones or any other... more

Cones - TN14 June 2017

The great thing about this activity is how it seems as though it is going to be easy and then isn't at all. This combined with its practical nature offers a good and engaging starting point that means... more

Student Surveyfree25 April 2017

This page is dedicated to a collaborative project involving a worldwide student (and teacher) survey. Below you will find a questionnaire that will take 15-20 minutes for students to complete. Teachers... more

Dividing Fractionsfree24 April 2017

Divisions are just a different way of doing multiplications: can be written as the multiplication . You can do exactly the same with fractions, so if you know how to multiply fractions you will be able... more

Parking Rotationsfree13 April 2017

'Park the car!'Reverse parking is one of the hardest things you have to do when driving a car. Here’s your chance to hone your skills in this area so that you’ll pass your driving test with flying... more

Volume of Pyramidfree13 April 2017

If you discover rules and formula for yourself then you’ll understand that mathematics is real and not abstract. If you take ownership of these formulae then they should have more meaning to you, and... more

Volume of Pyramid TN13 April 2017

Teacher NotesThis is a lovely practical activity to help students visualise and derive the formula for the volume of a pyramid. By constructing square based pyramids (10cm by 10cm) with height 5cm then... more