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Sprint or Endurance?3 April 2011

At the “South Australian Institute of Sport” they don’t believe in leaving much up to chance! From analysing physiognomy (body stats: height, weight, armspan etc.) data on past high performance... more

Dynamic scatter graphs13 March 2011

Relationships between two variables like HIV rates and income can be investigated using scatter graphs. But these data change every year. To plot a scatter graph for each year would be extremely time... more

Quadratic Links TN9 March 2011

The following is some practical advice about how the activity might be run. There are three separate worksheets for this activity. The activity is repeated three times with less information given each... more

Human Coordinates27 February 2011

This hugely entertaining activity introduces students to the idea of plotting straight lines by highlighting certain positions in a grid. The difference is that it is the students themselves that will... more

Tower of Hanoi TN13 February 2011

This is a terrific activity that is instantly engaging, approachable for everybody and goes on to reveal a great example of an exponential sequence. If you have never tried to do it yourself then you... more

Tower of Hanoi13 February 2011

The Tower of Hanoi game is a great puzzle that everyone can have a go at! How can we move three different sized discs from one side to the other, without ever putting a bigger disc on top of a smaller... more

Money Multiples Investigation - TN13 February 2011

Multiples, factors, primes etc. can be very abstract (and is one of the purest areas of mathematics even today) and this can be a big turn off for some students. Bringing in coins to touch and feel and... more

Money Multiples Investigation13 February 2011

It can be satisfying to pay for something exactly using loose change thereby getting rid of those heavy, clunky coins from a purse, wallet or pocket! This investigation looks at what prices can be paid... more

Mistigri TN6 February 2011

The idea for this activity came to me while playing this game with my children! They were surprised with how regularly they lost given a certain end situation. Often the theoretical probabilities... more

Matching Sequences TN31 January 2011

This activity could be introduced in a lesson and set as a piece of homework, although I used an hour lesson since the sharing of ideas proved invaluable. I gave this to a bright class of 15 year... more