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Kaleidoscope TNfree29 May 2011

If you are not careful, hours can disappear playing with problems like this. Once the first animation is understood then it is a natural development to play with the idea and see where it goes. As such... more

Linking Sequencesfree23 May 2011

'Use Geogebra to link geometrical patterns to sequences and their graphs’ Why are patterns so visually appealing ? It is because of their internal mathematical structure. This activity will explore... more

Recreating Ratios TNfree21 May 2011

One of the challenges of mathematics is to provide opportunities for students to be creative with their mathematics, and to find activities that allow students of differing abilities to obtain satisfaction... more

Recreating Ratios21 May 2011

The picture on the left was entitled “Happy Person” by its designer, and the two objects at the top of its head are called “SwimBoys”! The aim of this activity is for you to design suitable creations,... more

Rounding: What For?12 May 2011

When thinking about rounding to the nearest one or two decimal places, it helps to think about money. Rounding to the nearest 10 cents/pence is the same as rounding to 1 decimal place e.g. is 0.23$ nearer... more

About Us2 May 2011


The Art of Fractions17 April 2011

This is a very simple idea for calculating with fractions that gives rise to some great display work. Inspired by the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, the aim is to use a fraction to divide spaces... more

Scattertasticfree17 April 2011

The study of statistics at school is a great opportunity to show mathematics in a practical context, but this activity is really about playing with the more abstract mathematics behind the statistics.... more

Quadratic Movers Videosfree3 April 2011

Try to reproduce each of these videos using graphing software or your graphical calculator 1. Up and Down more

Sprint or Endurance - TNfree3 April 2011

To keep students engaged and interested, we feel it is important to provide them with contexts that are up to date and relevant. Here we provide you with some websites that will permit you to keep them... more