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Logarithms: An Introductionfree29 August 2019

Have you worked it out yet: 984 876 543 210 x 875 622 375 933 ? Compare methods in the class - have we all used the same method? Now compare your answers, are they all the same?Most people tend to make... more

Student Surveyfree6 May 2019

This page is dedicated to a collaborative project involving a worldwide student (and teacher) survey. Below you will find a questionnaire that will take 15-20 minutes for students to complete. Teachers... more

Transforming Functions - The Stretchfree8 March 2019

'Explore a transformation to help Mr Greedy slim down his tummy'Mr Greedy liked to eat! In fact Mr Greedy loved to eat, and the more he ate the fatter he became.Source: Mr Greedy by Roger Hargreaves more

2019 Puzzlefree1 January 2019

Be creative and find how many ways you can put together 2,0,1 & 9 to make different numbers.2019 is the year and this brings a new challenge. This activity is the 2019 puzzle. Using ALL the digits in... more

Dancing Vectorsfree4 December 2018

'Explore and practise the concept of position vectors through dancing!'Moves you never knew you had! Dancing Vectors introduces the idea of vectors as units of movement using the analogy of a dance routine!... more

Travel Graphsfree24 November 2018

Using travel graphs to describe positionHow can you describe your position? What happens when you move?Can you describe this movement?This is a really fun practical activity that will get you to do just... more

Equations of Linesfree31 October 2018

How do you define a line? It's important to differentiate the flight path of one plane, boat, missile etc. from another, if you don't, they may collide. Sketch 10 straight lines quickly on a piece of... more

Sine Cosine: Triangle, Circle, Wave!2 September 2018

If you haven't been on a Ferris Wheel yet, you've probably seen one. Close your eyes, picture yourself 90m off the ground, level with the main axel of the Singapore Flyer, the world's largest Ferris Wheel... more

Human Transformationsfree23 August 2018

'Your body is an axis and your arms are the graph. It's time to "Feel the Function" and let your body illustrate the equation'This is a teacher lead activity. The first four slides are designed to be... more

Inequality Pacman 2free23 August 2018

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