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Sliding Bus Puzzle TNfree21 July 2011

This activity is another great example of a puzzle whose solutions can be modeled by an algebraic sequence. The puzzle provides an engaging introduction and an incentive to generalise, which helps students... more

Sliding Bus Puzzlefree21 July 2011

On the ‘sliding bus’ you can only change places by moving into an empty space that is next to you. You need to move from the seat in one corner to the seat in the opposite corner and the only space... more

Animated Questionsfree8 July 2011

The following page is intended as a record of ideas and resources for use during and after the session at the ICTMT 10 conference. More resources will appear here before and after the session..... more

Frogs TN26 June 2011

Bring life to this classic sequences problem by getting students out of their chairs and jumping around to solve the problem. This is a terrific problem for generating and investigating a quadratic... more

Frogsfree26 June 2011

Generalising about algebraic sequences is at the heart of good mathematical investigation and this problem gives you a great opportunity to try it out. The male and female frogs have got to exchange... more

Giant Function Transformations23 June 2011

Are you applying what you learn in school to the world around you outside of the classroom? Outside your classroom the teacher has set up a large coordinate axis. Choose an x-value, look or listen to... more

Quadratic Substitution13 June 2011

Unless you have scientific or engineering parents you may never have seen Quadratic equations outside of the mathematics classroom. Even if you have seen them, you may have struggled to understand why/how/what... more

Quadratic Links7 June 2011

How much information do you need about a quadratic function before you can sketch it? How do you find the intercepts from the equation? Surprisingly, the answers to these questions can usually be pieced... more

Statistics Virtual Manipulativesfree2 June 2011

This as another good manipulative for exploring Scatter graphs and the whole idea of correlation. It doesn't offer quite as much functinality as the one from Illuminations, but that can actually be an... more

Plans and Elevationsfree1 June 2011

The aim of this activity is to provide concrete experiences that develop the ability to visualise 3D shapes in the mind's eye, to look at them from different perspectives and to draw a series of 2D... more