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Probability Treesfree17 September 2011

Probability is a topic that moves very quickly from that which is easily understood and intuitive to something seemingly much more complex. Sample space diagrams, probability trees, fractions decimals,... more

3D Uncovered - TN11 September 2011

This activity uses technology to help students with the notoriously difficult idea of working with 2D planes within 3D situations and thus solve problems with trigonometry in 3 dimensions.Google sketchup... more

3D Uncoveredfree11 September 2011

This activity uses the 'Free' and 'Powerful' Google sketchup application to aid the visualisation of 3D geometry problems. The third dimension can really make problems more confusing and it is a really... more

Which Wave TN30 August 2011

The discussions and reasoning that takes place during this type of activity can be incredibly valuable and effective. It is a simple idea, but so often the simple ideas can be the most effective. It... more

Which Wave30 August 2011

The repeating patterns of trigonometrical patterns can make them a little confusing and hard to follow. Conversely, it can make their properties and thus their defining equations easier to deduce.... more

Formulae:What are they?30 August 2011

'Discuss each formula altogether as a class, then find an image on google images that matches the formula. Algebra is NOT abstract' Formulae are all around us! If we look, we can see equations everywhere,... more

Wire Transformationsfree30 August 2011

These two wire curves are different representations by students of the same function: Could they both be right? You can use your body to represent a function, now its time to sculpt some wire and "feel"... more

Geometry Virtual Manipulativesfree27 August 2011

This clever applet from Illuminations should help you understand the dynamics of sound. You can hear the sound then see the animated sound wave, which has been slowed down so that you can see it. ... more

Rotation Navigation TN1 August 2011

I find that some students struggle for a long time with the idea of a centre of rotation, and that its position is defined using coordinates. This activity is a great example of how software allows... more

Future Curriculumfree22 July 2011

People who work in mathematical or scientific fields today use technology to enhance the development of their work on a daily basis. This session aims to look at uses of technology in education that... more