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Wisdom of the crowdfree13 November 2011

Give us 5 minutes of your time. Watch the videos below and fill in the short questionnaire with your guesses below! Get the live data for yourselves! We've all played 'Guess how many sweets there are... more

Kaleidoscopefree13 November 2011

This is one of three activities, similar in nature, for exploring transformations. Mathematics has always been deeply dynamic and technology now allows us to explore mathematics through different dynamic... more

Oxford - October 2011free26 October 2011

'Oxford University department of Educational Studies - A presentation/workshop for PGCE students' The principle aim of this session is to look at how ICT is so much more than just a medium for mathematics... more

Exploring Expressions TN18 October 2011

What confuses a number of students is the idea of letter as “variable”. That algebra generalises the laws of numbers by allowing a letter to represent any number we choose, not only a single number... more

Consecutive Proofsfree16 October 2011

QED. You might have seen those three letters and wondered what they mean. ‘Quod erat demonstrandum’ is latin for ‘that which was to be demonstrated’. In mathematics we don’t like uncertainty;... more

Consecutive Proofs TN16 October 2011

In this investigation, students explore the sums of consecutive numbers and their divisors with the hope of discovering and proving that the sum of n consecutive numbers is divisible by n when n is... more

Physical World Sequences TNfree27 September 2011

When learning something new most techniques/methods/strategies can often be categorised into two broad pedagogical approaches, which can be used in isolation, or in combination (with varying degrees... more

Number Virtual Manipulativesfree25 September 2011

Not got enough (or any) Multilink cubes for a whole class to play with or simply can’t be bothered with the hassle of giving them out and collecting them in? This virtual manipulative from NLVM is... more

Body Surface Area TN25 September 2011

This is a great practical investigation with real life applications. It encourages students to think critically about area. Working in small groups students are asked to find an approximation for the... more

Algebra Virtual Manipulativesfree22 September 2011

Sequences Formulae New! A useful VM from the excellent Freudenthal Institute. Students can experiment with a variety of sequence's formulae using the variable ‘n’ (as opposed to ‘x’) - see... more