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Trig Calculator29 January 2012

'Make your very own trig ratio calculator!' When you input sin 30 on your calculator you should get 0.5Careful to make sure calculators are set to degrees and not radians.Have you ever wondered what... more

Formulas: Who's Fastest?free26 January 2012

''Let's test who's the fastest runner! . . what about the fastest walker? Formulae can help answer these questions and calculate how close you are to setting a Marathon World Record!’ more

Activity Page Templatefree10 January 2012

The audience for these pages is students and teachers. This first paragraph introduces the activity in a language and tone appropriate for student readers. The 'Activity Index' page has teacher descriptions... more

Prism Peoplefree7 December 2011

Do you know what a prism is? You will after this activity! Make a robot entirely out of different prisms. You must have at least one cuboid, one triangular prism, one cylinder and one hexagonal based... more

Prism People - TN7 December 2011

Exploring prisms by making them! Students are asked to build model robots from different types of prisms. The practical element of building a prism is used to help students discover the related features... more

Concentric Magic Squaresfree7 December 2011

Magic squares are fun, simple puzzles where numbers are placed in a square arrangement according to a given rule. In this case, we start with - 'Can you arrange the numbers 1 to 9 in a square such the... more

Rectangular Relations TN4 December 2011

One of the challenges of mathematics is to provide opportunities for students to be creative with their mathematics, and to find activities that allow students of differing abilities to obtain satisfaction... more

Rectangular Relations4 December 2011

This activity tests your spatial awareness and ability to experiment! The area of all 2D shapes can, eventually, be related back to a rectangle, so if you know how to find the area of a rectangle, you... more

Lisbon - November 2011free26 November 2011

Objectives - To support workshop participants to get to grips with geogebra software and demonstrate its uses in the mathematics classroom. Aims - Participants should observe potential, get practice,... more

Number Ones!free16 November 2011

A cracking database on the history of British Number One singles provides an excellent basis for a bit of investigation! Find in the database, the titles of songs, the names of the artists, the runtime... more