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Starters-Plenariesfree21 February 2012

IBL does require the student to be motivated and engaged in the problem they have to try and solve. It takes time (and good social networks: twitter, youtube, bookmarking etc.) to find top quality conceptual... more

IBL: Sciencefree21 February 2012

Many thanks to David Faure for putting this session together. All resources available from his blog site below: This ebook was made by Year 7 students using and iPad 2 and Comic LIfe app. more

IBL: Introducing Geogebrafree21 February 2012

The following is a series of brief mathematical activities to introduce participants to geogebra. It's a great piece of software for getting students to investigate and discover some mathematics for... more

Harare 2012: What is IBL?free20 February 2012

We could start with a few definitions, a nice image, a history of the concept of "inquiry/discovery/problem based" learning in education but . . . there are a lot of educators in this room who I'm sure... more

IBL: Web 2.0 Toolsfree20 February 2012

Thanks to Russel Tarr, Richard Allaway and David Faure as well as Geoff Neuss and David Ripley for contributing ideas and/or resources to help ensure Harare International School get as much as possible... more

Statisticsfree20 February 2012

Technology allows students to use their mathematical skills or real, live data, to quickly see through its quantity and complexity to the essential underlying structure. To find out something about the... more

Mixed Numbers free12 February 2012


Subtract Fractions free12 February 2012

Created with GeoGebra Created with GeoGebra Created with GeoGebra more

Add Fractions free12 February 2012

If any of the applets do not load successfully first time, complete the questions for those that have and then "refresh" this page for the others. more

3D Perception8 February 2012

In this activity you will need to use your mind's ability to create images, to imagine. What do 3D shapes look like if you cut along their edges and lay them flat. When you get home, try it, but check... more