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Which Rule11 April 2012

'Master the art of working out when best to apply which rule to trigonometry problems' From SOHCAHTOA to cosine rule, to Pythagoras's theorem, it can be difficult to know which is the most appropriate... more

Extending the classroomfree10 April 2012

This session is aimed at sharing examples of practical maths lessons that take place in the hall/playground/corridor/field etc helping to break up the routine of desk or computer based activity. We... more

Data, data, everywherefree10 April 2012

As a teacher I am increasingly excited by the availability of real and relevant data for classroom use and the ease with which technology allows us to get it and process it. There are also a number... more

The Mathematics of Infographicsfree10 April 2012

I love infographics and there are some brilliant people making these at the moment. They are fraught with mathematical danger though and interpreting them and creating them depend on strong mathematical... more

The largest staffroom in the world!free3 April 2012

At the time of writing I am at a conference for the association of teachers of mathematics and having a great time meeting inspiring colleagues and sharing great ideas. One of the things I want to do... more

Ti-84 Casio GDCfree30 March 2012

Using your GDC it helps to understand the logic of your calculator i.e. each button tends to cover a particular topic. If you know which buttons cover what topics you can then usually work out for yourself... more

Trial and Improvement11 March 2012

Using the presentation below, remind yourself what squared, square root, cube and cube root means and use your knowledge of perfect squares and cubes to help you estimate other square and cube roots. more

Florencefree7 March 2012

Waves are all around us, all of the time. This is the study of those waves - how to define, describe and work with them. more

IBL: Introducing Autographfree22 February 2012

The following is a series of brief mathematical activities to introduce participants to Autograph. It's a great piece of software for 3D graphing: volumes of revolution, vectors etc, statistics and... more

IBL: IB Mathsfree21 February 2012

A look at some inquiry based learning resources for the IB mathematics courses. 1. Number Sequences 2. Introducing Differentiation 3. Volumes of Revolution 4. Discovering 'e' and its applications more