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Statistics Movies Libraryfree16 June 2012

Use the menu at the top right hand side of this page to navigate between topics. This video, and all of gapminder's graphs and data sets, can be used in a multitude of ways to help students appreciate... more

Rounding Game13 June 2012

'Roll the dice , make your number, round it and see who is closest to 50' This is a really simple but engaging game to help practise rounding to a given number of decimal places! Use 10 sided dice to... more

Sine Cosine Transformations Tech Help12 June 2012

Formatting the page more

Vector Tech Helpfree9 June 2012

Creating a shape, a vector and linking the two in a translation Fast forward to 1m51 if using Geogebra. more

Number Movies Libraryfree5 June 2012

'Some of the best videos from the web, categorised by topic, reviewed and star-rated ready for use in the classroom' Number Calculations more

Re-arranging SOHCAHTOAfree23 May 2012

'Understand all the things that are true about a given diagram, choose the right one and re-arrange it to suit you!' Once you know about SOHCAHTOA the next challenge is to find out how to apply it to... more

Quadrilateral Propertiesfree20 May 2012

Works of art, architectural and industrial designs, packaging etc. show a real mastery of forms and their properties. The triangle is the building block of many two dimensional forms and the properties... more

Interior Angles10 May 2012

The headquarters of the United States Department of Defense is The Pentagon. The shape is based on a regular pentagon and it houses the largest floor space office area in the world. You might like... more

Olympic Circlesfree28 April 2012

The five circles of the Olympic emblem were originaly designed to represent the five participating continents at the Olympic games. They are all equal in size and at least one of the five colours used... more

Which Rule - TN11 April 2012

This activity is designed to help students solve trigonometry problems by encouraging them to 'Speculate' about what might be possible. Students are asked to state different truths or complete different... more