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Equations of Lines TNfree7 August 2013

The teacher can decide to take longer over page one and two of the worksheets, where students come up with their own definitions for the difference between any two lines, or they may choose to limit... more

Inequality Dinosaursfree6 August 2013

Calimero (the little black cartoon character with an egg shell on his head) has been taken back in time to the age of the dinosaurs! Quickly move all five of the eggs into the safety zone. Be careful... more

Transformations and Tesselationsfree21 July 2013

'Can you transform these shapes to make them tesselate? A jigsaw puzzle with a twist!' Tesselations can be wonderfully hypnotic! With some it can really quite intuitive to tell how the shapes fit togethr... more

Proof - Pythagoras' Theoremfree11 July 2013

'Always build bricks on solid ground!' Would you build a house on sand? Hopefully, not! In mathematics, just like the construction industry, we like to be sure of our foundations before we build. We... more

Grime Dicefree1 July 2013

‘Rock, paper, scissors for dice.’ Here are three dice with some amazing properties. To discover them you are going to play a simple two-player game. Inspect the dice and choose which you think... more

Even and Odd Functionsfree1 July 2013

'Spot patterns and describe the shapes of graphs' This is an investigation about a particular type of function: even functions and odd functions. You should be able to describe their properties using... more

Congruent halves and transfomationsfree14 June 2013

'Can you cut these shapes in 2 such that the two halves are congruent?' These problems are brilliant and have been around for ages. You need some real lateral thought to figure out how to divide the... more

Rotation Navigation10 June 2013

Choose four places around the world that you really like or would love to visit. Add them to the world map. Write a brief guidebook entry for the “rotations” journey you want your partner to take... more

Autograph29 May 2013

This immediately absorbing and engaging activity requires students to use graphing software. The aim is to explore the basic transformations of a function, e.g. y=f(x-a), y=f(ax) for the quadratic... more

Scratch29 May 2013

Age 10+ Time: Age: 11+ Time: 2 hours This activity gets students to construct regular polgons and stars using protactor and ruler. It quickly moves onto a powerful online microworld to make... more